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Hi! We are, Aleksandr and Maya, married couple of videographers. We create films about real (living) you, not "made-up" you.
We love to create unforgettable films, and shoot not just beautiful shots - but stories about people and for people.
The main thing in these stories is their naturalness, truthfulness. We are not trying to interfere in the event, to alter it. Live and real reportage is important to us.

Our Studio is a multiple winner and finalist of international competitions of wedding and event video. This suggests that our vision and our style is supported by many videographers from all other the world.

To make a wedding film meaningful, and we could open up a couple, we begin our acquaintance with a pre-shooting. We just walk with a couple, communicate, or go on a trip to some picturesque place not far from the city.
We use all this material when editing the film, and also just before the wedding, our couples get a short video so that they can look at themselves from the side. And not being worry about the videoshooting during a wedding holiday. All this contributes to excellent shooting on your wedding day.

We do not go on about the fleeting trends. Today one thing is
trendy, and tomorrow another will. So we choose the format of live reporting - it is eternal and valuable at all times.
We always put ourselves in the shoes of a couple, and we think that would we ourselves like to see in our family video after 10 or 20 years. On the wedding day, while bride is making-up, and а photographer turns the rings in front of his lens or hangs the dress on the chandelier, we are trying to capture more interesting and lively moments, whether it's friends having fun, or relatives speaking in the kitchen.
There is no script and cannot be. Because it is a documentary film. Artistry remains only in the methods of shooting, methods of narration, in the subsequent installation. The main thing is to convey the reality of what is happening.
A wedding is an event that seems to be planned, it has timing, but everything does not always go according to plan. For 9 years of shooting, you gain experience in anticipating the actions of people, and your camera is moving in the right direction, it manages to shoot a lot more important moments.

We are not fans of luxurious "expensive&rich" weddings. We are very close to couples who make a holiday for themselves, family and friends. Couples who want to see on their holiday really close people with whom they will not be shy to do this or that. Warm weddings - we adore them.
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